Video: Why Do Christians Gossip When They Know It's Wrong?

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Many people are in the habit of gossiping. The Bible Is Clear as to how he feels about gossip. Whether you are at work or school, we are to mind our own business. Here is a video sermon that I put together to help you to understand why God hates gossip.


As you will hear in the word, God hates Gossip, Back Biters, And Busybodies. If you are doing this, take this opportunity to repent and live a more wholesome life for Jesus.


If you know someone who does this, please, let them know it is wrong. If someone approaches you with Juicy gossip, tell them you are not interested in the humiliation of Gods Creatures and change the subject.


If you need help with this, Message me HERE And I will pray for you in private. I will never expose you or your name to anyone. Your trust is more important to me than anything else. Have a blessed day,


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Pastor James Ledbetter


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