When The Spirit Of Confusion Is In Your Home

Monday, May 22, 2017


Sometimes, the devil can use a loved one to discourage your walk with the Lord. You read that right. Even if the person is a Christian. Sometimes, those who are not as far along spiritually as yourself, can see something spiritual and not understand.

Naturally, when we see things we don't understand, we tend to mock it, and shoot it down as untruth. Unfortunately, that is our human nature. In all these situations, all we can do is pray that God gives them discernment. Sometimes they are spiritual babies, and are not mature enough to understand. Especially, when God gives revelation. 


Spiritual Revelation:

Let's be honest, not all revelation is for everyone. This is why Jesus told the disciples "I have meat to eat that ye know not of"  (John 4:32). It was not time for them to know, or get told of that meat. So when you get revelation from God, Most often than not, the revelation is just for you. 

When the person in question starts their mocking, simply pray that God reveals the revelation to them in his time. Some revelation could blow their mind. I have had people reveal revelation to me that did just that. I was not ready for the revelation, so I was doubtful. I have been it both situations. So I try to keep an open mind. The only time you are to question revelation is if it does not line up with the word. For example, if someone says that God gave them permission to get drunk, you know that is a lie from hell.


Having Compassion:

Having compassion and patience with those that are not as spiritually advanced as you is important. There are people that are only comfortable with the milk of the word (Hebrews 5:13-14). These people never partake in spiritual meat. So the word "spiritual," is a scary word for them. Always remember that there was a time when you yourself was on that milk. You had to grow into the meat of the word. 


Imagine how Jesus felt among the people of that day. I am sure there were times he could only shake his head and pray the people would open their eyes for a second. I myself get impatient sometimes, but I always try to ask myself the famous question: "What would Jesus do?"  He would show compassion for the spiritually asleep masses that refused to believe. So what would these people do? They mocked things they did not understand. It is the same for that family member that you are trying to explain your revelation to. 


Final Thought:

Try to have compassion and mercy on the less fortunate people that have no understanding. Praise God that he trusted you with that knowledge and reveal it when Jesus says to reveal it. Otherwise you are wasting your time. Try to cut the confusion down to a fraction. You with find that Jesus will reveal in his own timing. His timing is perfect.


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