The Pope Closes The Doors Of Mercy? On What Authority?

Friday, November 25, 2016


On November 20th, 2016, Pope Francis closed the doors of Saint Peters. The act, coined, "the closing the doors of mercy," is an abomination. For centuries, the Catholics have called the pope the vicar of Christ. That means that the think of him as God On Earth. However, God on earth can only be Jesus. Also, The Pope has claimed that priests can now forgive acts of abortion.


Let me be as clear as possible. Man can not forgive sin, Only God can. So who does the pope think he is? God forgives abortion when asked with a repentant heart. But the way the Pope words it, it sounds like it is okay to have abortions.


Abortion Is Not Okay (Never Has Been, Never Will Be)

Not only is it not okay to murder babies, but God condemns the act. As the world spirals into oblivion, one can only feel amazement at the speed of progression. Just 50 years ago, the New York skyline harbored crosses with the buildings lights. Just recently, The Empire State Building depicted the likeness of the Hindu god Kali. Interestingly enough, the nickname for the false god is "The Destroyer."


Now the Pope has "closed the doors" of mercy? Does anyone get the irony in this? I got a prophecy a couple of years ago from the Lord that soon the gates of mercy will shut. But that is after the rapture of the church. The Pope does not have that authority. To be frank, no man does. God and God alone has that authority.


Only God Has The Authority

Just like forgiving sins, God has this authority. Then, right after the ritual, the Pope begins to pray to Mary. Mary does not hear our prayers. Jesus told us to come straight to Him for forgiveness. That means that Catholics throughout history have died in their sins.


Beloved, stay aware of the sins of the world and the abominations of the Pope. Revelation 18:4 states that you are to come out of her and be separate. Do not fall for these man-made solutions to sin. Jesus is the only solution. AMEN!



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