Christian Mingle Forced To Bow To The Beast

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

If you are a true Christian, this is time to awaken from your slumber, and realize that the end is near.


ChristianMingle just required new clients to indicate whether they're a man looking for a lady or a lady looking for a man. Two gay men recorded class-activities claims against the site's proprietor, California-based Spark Networks Inc., asserting that the site's restricted choices abused California's segregation law, The Wall Street Journal reported. 


Unfortunately, the mainstream media has put the worldly spin on the situation. 

Picture the headlines; The new ChristianMingle: "Where gay individuals discover incredible connections." State law obliges organizations to offer "full and equivalent" housing and administrations to individuals paying little heed to their sexual introduction. 


For those that do not know who Christian Mingle is, is owned by Spark Networks Inc., which bases itself out of California. The condition of California has something many refer to as the "Unruh Civil Rights Act" which basically directs that any business needs to suit anybody whenever, regardless of the fact that it abuses your religious convictions. The company CEO, consented to pay both men $9,000 each and $450,000 in lawyers' charges. is a web dating administration based on a customers that is...well, Christian. The site holds to Christian convictions that connections ought to happen between a man and a lady. The decisions mirror that by not giving you the choice of looking for a male in case you're a male, or female on the off chance that you are female, you know, the old normal. 


This maddened two gay men who endeavored to utilize it, clearly, and they set out to make the Christian site incorporate gay person connections too. Religious freedom lost in California, and the site will roll out improvements to its organization to incorporate gay person connections. 


I have never used the site, but I can imagine, that it was doing a service to fellow believers. Sadly the nets are closing around us, and eventually the enemy will have us silenced. According to Wikipedia, Christian Mingle was founded in 2001, and has been uniting Christian singles since then. The real sad part is this, there are millions of gay dating sites, why would they go after the only one they can not date other men/women? The bible specifically tells us this, that the beast will be given power over the saints, and overtake them. Is this not what has started happening? 


In conclusion, I invite all you to do your own research on this subject. I am broken hearted to see fellow Christians attacked in such manner; however, we were warned it would come. Let us not fall asleep, and be vigilant. The time is drawing near, of the return of our Lord Jesus. The world has been deceived by the powers that be. Keep watch dear beloved in Jesus name.




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