Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Friday, March 18, 2016

Some places are hard for us to live in, even for a little while. The problem with this is that, there are people who have never heard of Jesus and His Gift of grace and love.


Let me give you some words of encouragement beloved. Where were you when you first heard the Gospel? You were in your comfort Zone and someone stepped out of theirs to show you the way.


This is how I had to look at the issue before I could obey God and come to India. India is hot and full of evil spirits that have ruled here for centuries. So when We as Americans come, they try to make our situation very hard so we will give up and leave.


God won’t send you into a place without HE being with you. Jesus commanded us to step out of our comfort zones to preach the Gospel to every creature.


Matthew 24:14 tells us that when the gospel is preached to EVERY CREATURE, Then the end shall come. This means that until all people alive today has heard the Gospel and has a chance to make a choice - the end WILL NOT COME.


So to you 'Couch Potato' sitting there watching the football game and waiting on Jesus to return, GET UP FROM THERE and share the Gospel to your coworkers. Oh preaching the Gospel at work makes you uncomfortable? Jesus didn’t say preach the Gospel only where your comfortable. Think About it my friend!


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