Dear Brother in Christ,

Calvary Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior.


Please Note that due to a high volume of messages, I am unable to reply on Facebook Message, E-Mails or Messenger. 


To Invite me, Please Note the Following:


1) Transportation:

Several pastors invite me but very few pay for my "to and fro" trip. If you are interested to invite me to your church, I request you to pick and drop me back (OR) send the tickets (to and fro) in advance.



2) Offering:

I only come to your church to "PREACH THE WORD OF GOD". Many inviting pastors are trying to extract money from me. I do not have any Sponsors. I am an INDEPENDENT PASTOR of International Ministry. 



3) Dates:

Dates must be FIXED since I work full-time. Constantly changing the dates would create a HUGE problem for my full-time job.



4) Food:

I love any Indian food. Please do not worry if the food is veg, non-veg, spicy or non-spicy. Please do not buy any food at the restaurant. 



5) Accommodation:

Please do not spend money on hotels. If you are willing to accommodate me in your home, that would be fine.



6) Speaker:

If you are interested in inviting me to speak at your church, you may contact me via my website at Events.


Kindly use this form for "Event Invitation" purposes only. Do not contact me on Facebook Message or Messenger PLEASE.


If you agree to these terms, then kindly contact me. We will pray and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us to HIS Will. It would be a great honor to serve you and your church.



Yours Brother In Christ,